507 Extra Storage

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Li Du knew that many people paid close attention to him, wanted to know how he could get ahold of so many treasures, and analyze his process during auctions.

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The treasure hunters from California had almost caught him off guard that one time. If he hadn't erased all the information about storage units from his notebook, he would have been dead meat.

After being blocked from entering, Li Du didn't insist on going in; instead he asked the guard, "Have you seen those Franklins in my friend's hands? Do you want them?"

The black guard licked his lips and stared at the money greedily. "Yeah bro, I want them. I f*cking love that face."

"Well, if you give me the floor plan of the storage area, these faces will be yours," Li Du said.

The black guard shook his head and laughed, "This place is not a tourist spot—where could I get a floor plan for you? I'm sorry, but I can't help you with this."

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