1055 Exposed

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Hans frowned as he found himself an opponent. Sean was definitely great with the ladies. He had the looks, he was willing to spend, and he was good at sweet talk.

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Porter realized the difference between the two and was disheartened. "I chose the wrong opponent, right?"

Hans reassured him, saying, "It doesn't matter. I have an advice for you. Believe me, the most precious gifts are all about finding the right one and not about how expensive it is. But whoever this kid is, he is really rich!"

Li Du frowned as well. He looked closely at the jewelry in Sean's hand and felt that something was not quite right.

Up until now, his mine in Lightning Ridge occasionally produced black opals. All of them had to go through him before being sent to Harry Winston Inc.

Therefore, he was very familiar with opals. Like with diamonds, he could tell at first glance.

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