1129 Excitement

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"Fasten your seatbelts," Driver said coldly.

There was no emotion in his robot-like voice, but the car sped up and roared as if he

had transferred his passion for fighting to the engine.

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Driver ignored the motorcycle chasing them. He didn't even look in the rearview mirror.

He kept staring at the taxi blocking his way in front.

The road was neither smooth nor broad, and more than a dozen SUVs drove over, as if

a herd of beast appeared, blocking their way.

The driver repeatedly stepped on the accelerator, and the Nissan sped up. Fortunately,

there were many people in the car, which added to its weight. Otherwise, Li Du was

afraid that the car would topple over.

The Nissan sped on fearlessly, hurled through the motorcade in front and flew onward

like the wind.

The taxi drivers were so shocked that they slammed on the brakes to slow down as they

watched the Nissan speeding toward them.

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