1100 Excited

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The next day Li Du was having breakfast leisurely when Hans suddenly came rushing in.

Li Du looked at him with surprise. "You are up early. What happened today, did you change your habits?"

"Tucson gang is in a mess, a group of people broke up with Princeps and left," Ignoring his teasing, Hans hurriedly said. "It seems like they had a fight last night."

"A fight?" asked Li Du.

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Hans nodded. "Yes, I don't know why, but a group of people siding with Ranka said that Princeps embezzled their common gain, that is, the silver coins. Princeps said that Ranka was causing trouble and switched the coins in his bag."

"Neither side admitted it, and the final result was that they disagreed with each other. The more they quarreled, the angrier they got. Finally, they fought. Haha."

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