266 Everyone has Assembled

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Li Du held him back, and said, "Are you crazy? It’s Rose, it’s Rose! I bet that the one in the vehicle is Rose!"

"Rose!?!" Hans yelled. "What’s she here in a police vehicle for? Why does she have the siren on?"

The police vehicle drove onto the property. The door was open, and a lady with her hair tied in a dashing ponytail peeked out. She shouted, "I got a tip-off that someone is making moonshine here—who is it!"

Li Du reached out his arms to stop her and said, "Stop joking, Rose, you’re scaring Big Fox!"

The female cop laughed charmingly. She jumped out of the vehicle and said, "There’s nothing wrong with what I’m doing. You guys are secretly making alcohol. It’s illegal, of course he should be scared. Why aren’t you?"

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Hans grabbed onto Li Du and said, "Wait—she already knew that we were making liquor. How does she know?"

"Is the answer important?" Li Du asked.

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