784 Escorted By Police Cars

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After the two policemen looked at each other, the policeman who had a small mustache pondered, "There's such a thing? You guys are saying that there's a person in this cargo container?"

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"Yes," Lu Guan replied firmly, "and not just one!"

The other policeman, who had a burly physique, shook his head. "No, not possible. Who would put people in a cargo container? Trying to suffocate them?"

"If you guys open up the cargo container and have a look, you guys will understand what we're saying," Li Du said.

The two policemen glanced at each other again. Following which, the policeman who had a small mustache said, "Whose cargo container is this? Open it."

The stevedores shook their head simultaneously. "Don't know, we don't have the key."

Having found two iron pins in the truck, Brother Wolf went over to the cargo container and began fiddling with its lock. Before long, the doors of the cargo container were opened.

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