442 Entering the Hopi Reservation

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Hans, who was holding up his mobile phone this whole time, walked out and gave a laugh, "You're right. It's just a misunderstanding. We'll leave when you move out of the way."

Li Du said, "Refund my ticket and tour guide fee!" His tone was firm—as always—together with his upright posture as well.

The old man was enraged. "Are you going to challenge our bottom line?"

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Hans continued to be the mediator. He raised his hand and said, "How about this? You return us the money and we'll leave behind the arrows that are now under the rubble."

Another Native American man said, "The arrows have fallen in our territory, so they already belong to us!"

"F*cking robbers!" Hans cussed softly under his breath.

The old man did not want any conflict. He waved to stop his men from getting agitated. "I'm fine with the arrangement. Return the money to this young lad and let them go!"

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