1076 Enter the Warehouse

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The cooks were not prisoners, but employees of the GEO company. They were ordinary

people with good personalities. Because Li Du had come to teach them how to make

noodles, they were friendly to him.

GEO Corporation was a well-known private prison company in the United States. It has

undertaken the entire management of many prisons.

Private prisons were a feature in America because financing correctional facilities had

become a huge economic burden for the government, which led to increased


The United States spent a lot of money every year to manage its prisoners. In 2010,

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according to the Bureau of Prisons, the United States spent $48.5 billion on prison

reeducation through labor. Moreover, the numbers of prisoners were growing fast.

According to Li Du's knowledge, the total number of prisoners in the United States was

more than 2.2 million, and one in 110 adults was behind bars.

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