109 Enter The Great Beast

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After leaving the detention room, Li Du asked, "So what should we do now? Take him with us?"

Hans replied, "I think so. You heard from the hottie who lives with you. He is not a grumpy villain; he even volunteers in the community sometimes.

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"I volunteer in the welfare house—those who share the same noble interest give me a good impression."

Li Du nodded his head. He thought it was reasonable to post bail to release him. Although he was a bulky man, he didn't seem dangerous.

The Chinese believed that a person's face was shaped by their personalities. Godzilla was well-featured, his gaze clear and gentle. He seemed like a nice guy who was easy to get along with.

"Come on, let's post the bail. It is another big expense."

According to the American system of the separation of powers, the police must gather evidence after the suspect was arrested. They have no rights to judge the suspect as the trial is the jurisdiction of the judiciary.

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