1034 Enriched Mine

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Two beaten-up pickups turned around, heading northwest.

There were still many trees around. However, the landscape was no longer that of a

primal rainforest, but of smaller tree groups. 

Many small forests formed plots of land, one plot after another. They resembled ancient

rainforests and were a sight to touch people's hearts.

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In the car, Li Du asked, "The place where you found diamonds, wasn't it where Buick

and his people found diamonds as well? That abandoned mine?"

Musa nodded and then shook his head, "There hab also, I got see before, but many, uh,

many no there, is there!"  

He pointed in the northwest direction again.   

Li Du recalled that time when Buick arranged women for everyone but left Musa out.

Musa had mumbled a few sentences to show his displeasure. 

Straining his memory, he remembered Musa saying something about him being angry,

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