1131 Enemy

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It was only after he made one round among the crowd that Li Du realized he had

become so famous.

Now, he could finally understand why Hans had wanted so much to be the treasure-

hunting king and stay in Arizona. Being the cream of the crop treasure hunter was so


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That was something that even money could not buy. Now he was just like a general in

an army, a sports star meeting his fans. Wherever he went, there would be people

coming up to greet him.

Even animals needed morale, let alone men. As men had wisdom, they yearned even

more for respect and acknowledgment.

Besides, there were also treasure hunters from Phoenix and Flagstaff elbowing each

other. At that point, Li Du felt that he was no longer a mere treasure hunter, but an

international superstar.

He could not help but recall the last time he met General Remonin in Mozambique. At

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