1011 End of the War

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

For the local armed forces that had never received any systematic training, night battle was a terrifying thing, as they were totally unfit for it.

The attack was too sudden. The commander could not give his orders in time. Their firepower had been suppressed. To top it all off, they also suffered non-combat losses. These unfavorable factors combined led to the quick demise of Good's army.

Remonin was incredibly excited. Before the attack, they were setting up for a tough battle. Now, however, he realized that they had overestimated the enemy's defense capabilities.

"Kill them all! Quick, my warriors! Wipe out these demons!" Remonin's voice sounded through the loudspeaker.

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No matter how loud the gunfire was, it still could not drown out his voice. This was evidence of his excitement.

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