609 Eight of Them

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After the car endured all sorts of bumps for God knows how long, it finally stopped.

Initially, Li Du had tried hard to calm himself down. He released the little bug out there to track and check the situation.

However, he had no choice but to retrieve it after only a minute.

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There was no choice—it was unfamiliar out there. This wasn't Flagstaff. Las Vegas had been undergoing rapid expansion for a few years, and there were new buildings everywhere.

What made him frustrated was that these buildings had not been completed. They flanked the roads like second-rate residential buildings. Going around them was a waste of the little bug's time and effort.

He quickly realized that it was better for him to conserve his energy instead of wasting it. He intended to assess the situation at his destination first before making his plan.

Finally, the car stopped; someone dragged him out of the car.

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