736 Effortless

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Not only were there two tough, hefty men threatening the thief, there was still a wolf howling and an ocelot brandishing his claws to intimidate him. As such, the thief was completely overwhelmed.

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Both Godzilla and Big Quinn were mean people who would show no mercy to those who had wronged them. After seeing the thief yielding to them, their facial expressions became much more pleasant.

Unlike them, Li Du still appeared very dark. He sneered, "Sorry? If saying sorry was effective, would there still be a need for policemen and judges?"

If there really was a policeman or a judge here, the thief would not be afraid.

Just like what the thief had said, as the abalones were grown in the wild and were not bred by anyone, if an abalone had not been harvested, it belonged to the person that found and harvested it.

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