789 Ebb Tide

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Through Bob Bryan, Li Du had some knowledge of the search for black opal in Australia, but he didn't know enough.

It was different from picking up gems in America's national parks. Gem hunters, or gem miners, as they were called, dug for them on Lightning Ridge.

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There were more rules and tricks that could not be explained in just a few words.

Bob thanked them for saving his son and asked Li Du to leave an address. He called a friend and asked him to send him a work note he had left at home.

Li Du was rather embarrassed and said, "That must be years of experience you have accumulated. How can I take it away?"

Bob replied, "I'm giving it to you, Li. I am not going to work in this field anymore. You might not know, but I lost my child because of the job."

"What happened?" someone asked.

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