1110 Ebb and Flow

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After picking up Li Du's parents, they went to the hotel and asked them to have a rest first and then prepare for dinner.

Li Du took Sophie along to say thank you to the JP Morgan staff for sending his parents to Los Angeles.

For dinner, he planned to book a place in Urasawa, a top Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles with three Michelin stars. Li Du had eaten in Michelin three-star places before, and it was indeed high class.

Urasawa's three-course meal, which started at $400 per person, was so popular that it had to be ordered a week in advance.

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However, Li Du had a JP Morgan's palladium card, which was so powerful it could be used anywhere in the service industry to book a table.

Li Du shared his dinner plans with his parents, but when Li Du's father learned that it was a Japanese restaurant, he firmly shook his head. "No, we should not let the Japanese earn our money. What would your grandfather and grandmother say?"

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