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Kelly, a black woman who became the star of the park, returned again after locking the diamond in the park's safe. She came back to continue her work.

After she appeared, many treasure hunters gathered around her and reached out to shake her hand. This was a tradition in the park. If you touched the hand of the lucky treasure hunter, you were supposed to gain luck.

Everybody kept talking to Kelly and asking about diamond searching tips.

Kelly, now in a state of calm, answered the continuous inquiries patiently. Then she carried her buckets and tools and walked towards Li Du's gang.

Sophie smiled and said, "Congratulations, Mrs. Andelat, it is an enviable thing that fortune has shown you."

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Kelly took her hand and smiled excitedly. "Yes, yes, I got the eye of God and took the chance. Do you know how I named the diamond?"

"How?" Sophie asked curiously.

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