825 Dug into the Snake Pit

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In the old days, digging was really the way to mine by using a stone breaker, a rotary cutter, an excavator, and other tools for digging holes in the rock. It was easier these days, and the miners didn't have to suffer so much. They used a mechanical digger to remove the back-filled gravel while they were digging.

It was still tiring, but it was a lot easier than digging holes in the rock. It was also safer, as long as you looked at the terrain and dug through all the rubble, being careful not to get buried.

After only half a day, the hole was almost cleared, and a wide hole about two meters in diameter appeared in front of them.

After lunch, Li Du returned to the mine to work. After entering he was just about to start when suddenly, Brother Wolf pulled him back.

"What's the matter?" he asked in surprise.

Brother Wolf stared in front of him and said, "Snake."

Li Du took a closer look at it with his headlamp. Indeed, a snake was emerging from a break in the gravel. Brother Wolf's eyes were sharper than his. He hadn't noticed the snake at all.

There were too many reptiles in Australia. There were 140 species of land snakes and 32 species of water snakes. Hundreds among them were venomous and could cause death. Not only were there many snake species, but they also occured in large numbers.

Recently, Li Du also saw in the news that a girl in Canberra felt something inside of her shoe when she ran. When she took off her shoes after running, she saw a small snake inside, but it had been smothered by her toes.

Li Du used to be afraid of snakes. He saw them as limp reptiles that always sparked fear in his heart. But after a while in Australia, he became used to them. Snakes weren't that scary to him anymore. As long as a person did not mess with them, they could be tamer than a mosquito.

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The snake before them had a grey-brown back with black stripes, an orange-red belly, and a light, silent belly that Brother Wolf once used to get revenge on Blanchett.

"What should we do?" Li Du asked cautiously.

Although the red-bellied black snake would not cause death, it was a famous venomous snake. If he was bitten, he could not be saved in the mine environment, which was very troublesome.

Brother Wolf said, "Let's just beat it and kill it."

Australia had too many venomous snakes, and the government's response was to leave them alone as long as they didn't get in anyone's way. However, if snakes got in the way of people's lives, it was best to try to kill them.

Li Du picked up a stone and tried to throw it. Brother Wolf shook his head to stop him, and then hunched down carefully and slowly, stretching out his hand. As he approached the red-bellied black snake, Brother Wolf seized the back of the snake's head. The red-bellied black snake reacted quickly, contracting and wrapping itself around his arm after being caught.

Brother Wolf shook his arm violently wanting to shake it away. A few moments later, the snake was dizzy. Brother Wolf threw the snake to the ground and smashed its head with a stone.

It was just a small scene in the digging of the mine.

However, the appearance of the red-bellied black snake was a reminder to Li Du that they were digging a hole in dangerous, subterranean Australia, and could never know when they might encounter venomous snakes.

Consequently, he called Ah Meow down and let him escort him. It turned out that his caution was necessary. Just as they were pushing a half-meter deeper, Ah Meow, who was lounging on a rock, darted forward. His attack was quick and a trail flashed, and he dragged a snake from one side of the hole to the other.

The snake, about a meter long, bore a slight resemblance to the red-bellied black snake that had appeared earlier. It was also gray-black with a red spine and a red belly, but the color of the snake's belly was reddish yellow.

"Pseudechis porphyriacus." Brother Wolf frowned.

Compared to the red-bellied black snake, the pseudechis porphyriacus was much more venomous.

After encountering two snakes in a row, Li Du hesitated a little and said, "How come there are so many snakes in this mine?"

Sophie, who was helping above ground, saw that another snake had been brought to the table. She became worried and said over the intercom, "Do you want me to go down and help? I'm carrying a venomous snake serum."

Li Du said, "No, you don't need to come down. It probably just happens to be coincidence."

To be on the safe side, he released the little bug and went into the rubble to check the situation. The little bug flew into it, and he immediately got chills when he saw the situation. Several snakes remained in the rubble, and the closer they got to the end of the hole, the more snakes there were.

Ah Meow jumped back from his side and with a claw, pulled a snake off the top of the pit. It was another pseudechis porphyriacus…

Li Du controlled the little bug to fly into the lithosphere above his head. There were holes and cracks in the lithosphere.

Making a quick decision, he waved and said, "Brother Wolf, let's go. There are too many poisonous snakes in here." As he spoke, another snake emerged from a crack. Brother Wolf took out a dagger from his waist and threw it. The point of the knife went into the snake's head and nailed it in the gap, blocking it up.

When they returned above ground with Ah Meow, Godzilla, thinking it was his turn to go down, took off his coat and started to go down the mine.

Li Du stopped him and said, "What are you doing?"

Godzilla naturally said, "Work."

Li Du said, "The mine is filled with snakes. We don't know why a lot of snakes came out. How are you going to work? Are you going there just to kill yourself?"

Godzilla thought for a moment, then asked, "Can they be eaten?"

This question made Li Du laugh and feel helpless at the same time. The situation was already so bad, but he was still thinking about eating!

After hearing what they said, Lu Guan interrupted and said, "Boss, you have just killed two snakes. Is it the snake's family coming to get revenge?"

Li Du was not in good mood and said rudely, "Be serious. Hurry up and get some snake repellent powder so we can drive these snakes away."

Suddenly Sophie asked, "We noticed that this mine is shorter than other mines. Why is this happening? Is there something wrong?"

Li Du, who had the phone number of the former mine owner, Muller, called him and asked, "What's going on? Why are there snakes?"

From the moment he mentioned the mine, Muller's reaction was a bit awkward. Listening to his question, Muller grumbled, "Why did you go about digging a backfill pit?"

Li Du said vaguely, "I wanted to continue digging through your mine to see if I could find any gems. What's going on in this mine? Is there a snake's nest in it?"

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