1260 Dropping Pants

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Li Du just wanted to catch Jonas Malone and finish this trip, so he didn't care about a few thousand dollars. Therefore, he just laid the money out and motioned to the man to give out the information.

The man took the money and said, "Head northeast from Krasnoyarsk to a ghost town called Cricket House. The Prayer Gang is there now."

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Li Du held the money down, stared at the man, and said, "Hey, buddy, this had better be true. You see our motorcade,? You don't want to mess with us, do you?"

The big fellow said in a careless manner, "Why would I cheat you? For a thousand bucks? The Prayer Gang is in Cricket House, you can ask anyone, there are many people who know their whereabouts."

"It looks like this Mr. Malone has changed his tactic. He was hidden well enough when we tried to find him the last time," Li Du said as he looked at Luo Qun and the others.

"Fourteen years. Maybe he thinks it's over. No one remembers it," said Luo Qun coldly.

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