664 Dropped Dead

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While taking out the paintings, Li Du also took out a certificate of authenticity that was signed by the oil painting experts from both Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Christie's.

When Jacob saw the certificate of authenticity, he smiled. "Was it they who authenticated for you? Young Potter, this is a simple matter, you may not have needed me to come over and help."

"Why would you say that, Uncle Jacob?" Potter asked curiously.

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"Three of the people who authenticated this painting are friends of mine," Jacob replied. "I know their characters very well: they are honest and capable. The result of the authentication is official."

Li Du smiled. It seemed like the two groups of people that Roger had helped him find were credible.

Jacob still proceeded to authenticate the painting in a very serious manner.

He also brought along a small machine that could analyze the paint and canvas of the painting.

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