443 Doomed

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The outside consisted of sample houses, which were used for tourism purposes. There were no people living inside, just some household items to show what the Hopi used for everyday life.

Under the circumstances, they couldn't make any trades—they had to enter the residential area first.

However, there were barriers surrounding the residential area. Hence it came to Hans to figure out what to do next. He took the two feathers from Li Du and walked to the entrance where Hopi guards were on duty.

When the guards saw him coming, one big guy stepped forward and waved at him, "Sorry sir, you can't go inside anymore. This is not where you can sightsee, please respect the rules."

Turis murmured under his breath, "Ha, so now these guys know how to chase away the outsiders? That's an improvement."

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Hans took out two colorful bird feathers and said, "Hey bro, we're friends. Friends!"

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