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It didn’t cost him a single penny to get the carriage; Hans was content.

Li Du shook his head. "Buddy, it’s not good to take advantage of people," he said.

Hans’s mouth twitched. "Are you saying that I love to take advantage of people? That someone who donates half of his income to a welfare home and an orphanage loves to take advantage of people? "

Li Du was speechless.

Indeed, Hans supported Mother Mesa’s on his own.

The welfare home had established an orphanage so that the children were taken good care of, and the majority of funds were donated by Hans.

Hans didn’t only donate to Mother Mesa’s. When he earned more than usual, he even donated money to other welfare institutions. Li Du was truly impressed him.

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Li Du was stingy when it came to charity. He would not donate unless he thought he would gain something from it. He’d established the charity auction to punish those who had wronged him.

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