450 Don’t Drink Their Wine

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After the Hopi finished worshipping, the plaza became noisy and lively again.

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Li Du and most of the treasure hunters gathered together. They sat around a campfire.

Arizona was a hot place but not all areas were hot. In Flagstaff, the temperature was lower than other places of the state. Further north, the temperature was even lower.

During the autumn season, the southern part of Arizona could be very hot. However, at the territory of the Hopi, the temperature had enormously decreased.

After all, their territory was close to Utah. There was a cold wave near the Colorado Plateau and the cold wave passed by their territory too. So during the night, the temperature at their territory was very low.

It was comfortable to sit around a campfire under this temperature. Moreover, there were different roasted animals on top of the flame. They could grab anything they liked to eat and drink self-brewed wine when they were thirsty. It was very relaxing.

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