330 Don’t Call The Police

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The charity lunch was held in buffet style, and there was a large variety of food served. Everyone bought one or two dishes from home. Those with good culinary skills had been cooking since morning.

Li Du hadn’t used his power that much, therefore, he hadn't used too much energy and wasn’t that hungry.

After they finished the meal, the gathering was over. The priest printed a brochure for everyone; the amount of donation collected from the auction was written on it.

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They sold 30 items during the auction and the amount of donation collected was 38,000 dollars. The price of Sophie's jewelry box was the highest—it was sold at the price of 20,610 dollars.

Li Du received a cross from the priest, a token of appreciation for his contribution during the charity auction.

Of course, it was not a valuable cross. It was a souvenir for everyone who donated during the auction.

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