1118 Dominating Arizona

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Li Du enjoyed a beautiful sunrise standing by the window.

At sunrise, the river flowed redder than fire. In spring, green waves turned as blue as


There was a poem that Bai Juyi wrote, called "Remembering Jiangnan", which was

reminiscent of the Atlantic Ocean thousands of miles away from Jiangnan.

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Li Du's trip to New York was over, and he would have been back in Phoenix overnight if

not for the invitation from Carlston. He did not feel like leaving his parents and family

away any longer.

The stocks were temporarily out of his hands. He had been able to outwit Carlston, but

for now he had to admit defeat.

On the way back in the plane, Li Du thought that maybe Carlston was the kind of person

one wouldn't want as a rival. You know you shouldn't get too close to him because he

wants to take advantage on you, but you have no choice.

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