248 Doctor Hans

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Now that the gun was out of the way, Avril’s family members approached her.

Hans blocked them so they wouldn’t come too near. He hugged Avril by the shoulder like good friends do, and led her to the entrance of unit 19.

"Come, talk to your family, and tell them what you think of Adam," Hans said.

"Who’s Adam?" Avril asked. "My beloved storage unit is called Benjamin!"

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"Oh yeah, I got mixed up. Previously I had a friend who named his house Adams," Hans quickly corrected his error. "Anyway Avril, have a good talk with them, don’t do such a drastic thing again."

Avril looked rather dejected at the suggestion. "I want to talk, but trust me—they don’t want to talk about it!"

Hans said, "I’ll warn them, don’t worry. I’m here to help—they have to talk this over with you."

Hans turned to Mr. Larry. "Give me the storage unit keys please."

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