1184 Do You Want to Go to Australia?

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As he drank the beer, Su Nan poured talked about the hardships he had been facing.

Previously, he had went to workworked in a museum in Philly on following the recommendation of his tutor. In the end, he was only there for two months. The museum had closed down even before he could finish his internship term.

There were many museums in America. Some people said that there were more airplanes in America than in any other countryies in the world. That, was a saying more suitable for referring to museums. There were many more museums in America than all the museums added up around the globe put together!

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It was not uncommon for museums to close down. Many museums relied on the donations from the rich to maintain operationsthemselves. Some museums only depended on one or two rich donors and most of them willing donors were old people.

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