1141 Do Something for Me

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du drove his car to catch up with the Tucson gang entourage. The Tucson men

started to pack up their warehouse the day before. They were done early and had

driven off back to Tucson.

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It was easy to keep track of the Tucson gang. One of their cars was towing a half-

demolished Lamborghini.

Southern Arizona was an area of many deserts. There were no residents or houses

along the highway, only bare road and some cacti here and there.

When the road emptied of cars, Li Du dialed a number on his phone and said, "Force

them to stop."

The skillful driver managed to maneuver with agility between the cars of the entourage.

Their car was like a little deer galloping through a herd of buffalo.

However, the Tucson truck was slow and its driver did not react fast enough. He turned

his steering wheel in a hurry and stomped on the emergency brake.

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