619 Disposing the Shares

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After hanging up with Rose, Li Du tried calling Sophie again but the call could not be connected.

Evidently, Sophie had boarded the airplane and turned her phone off.

He called Big Quinn and Godzilla to head over with him to McCarran International Airport to await Sophie.

Having just suffered a kidnapping, he felt ill at ease when he could not contact Sophie. Although he knew that the chances of Sophie being kidnapped were low, he still couldn't dispel that fear.

He inquired about the flight from Flagstaff to Las Vegas. The distance was short. The plane landed soon after they arrived at the airport.

Ten minutes after the plane landed, he estimated that Sophie would have entered the airport by then, so he called her from the entrance of the airport.

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As soon as he had dialed the number, Godzilla used his elbow to nudge him gently. In response, he asked, "What is it?"

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