149 Displaying One’s Good Points

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Many of the old books stacks fell to 100 dollars, but there were still no bids.

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The old and new books were different; once old books were deemed to have no knowledge value, they would often become worthless paper.

The current price for waste paper was 210 dollars per ton. These stacks of old books were, at most, about 220 pounds. Even selling them as waste paper wouldn’t make much money, and would surely end up as a loss.

The two huge units, containing over 100,000 books, were slowly auctioned off from morning all the way until the late afternoon.

In the mid-afternoon, Li Du, Hans, and Godzilla ate some dumplings. A smart Chinese vendor had brought his cart to sell some fast food. Business was booming for him. The treasure hunters were too lazy to go out for lunch, so they just bought food from him.

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