535 Disordered Hooves Amidst the Autumn Rustle

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As the horse galloped, the feline cried out pitifully. Such a scene had attracted the attention of many tourists.

Li Du was furious. "Quick, stop your d*mn crying! Cry anymore and I'll throw you off!"

Ah Meow thought, Quick, quick, quick! Throw, throw, throw!

The Quarter Horse was stable even when galloping, but Li Du was a little nervous. He issued arbitrary commands, and so the Quarter Horse galloped along in confusion which made Li Du even more disoriented. And so he continued with his confusing commands. 

The one in the most misery was Ah Meow, whose bottom had been jolted into pieces. It was as though he were dancing with his four claws and tail—he had to get into all sorts of positions to keep from falling off.

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Crispy Noodles and Ah Ow looked at him sympathetically: What the f*ck, this cat's too unfortunate. But he's dancing quite well, and hasn't fallen off.

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