1167 Discussion About The Crater

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Wilkes Land had a huge crater just below it. Of course, Li Du didn't know that. He did not learn much about Antarctica and did not research the geography of the area.

Elson went to prepare dinner, and Steve sat them down and began to talk about the purpose of his visit to Antarctica.

As he said earlier, he was looking for a meteorite. Inside his quarters hung many photos of meteorites, and he took some and placed them on the table for Li Du to look at.

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The Wilkes crater was discovered half a century ago and was located just beneath the ice of Wilkes Field. It was a crater created from large impact.

The crater was so large that modern technology measured it to be 243 kilometers in diameter and up to 848 meters deep.

In addition to the crater, there could be a mass tumor at Wilkes Field.

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