1065 Discounted with a Car

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The panache of the second generation rich was a real eye-opener for the two of them.

When it was nearly evening, a black, shiny, dazzling Rolls-Royce sedan drove into the parking lot of the restaurant. It moved at an excessive speed and braked abruptly, with its tires screeching against the gravel.

"What a terrible way to drive such a nice car," Hans curled his lips.

Li Du had never seen anyone drive a Rolls-Royce like a sports car. It was painful to watch.

They casually talked, not making eye contact. Soon, Hans' phone began to ring. Young Master Jefferson called again and asked, "I am here. Where are you guys?"

Hans sighed. This meant he had to go and welcome the young master.

In Li Du's opinion, Jefferson was an unreliable person. He acted like a youngster in his teens or early twenties, but the man Hans led to the table looked at least thirty years old.

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