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The hunters even devoured the bones of the mice and wild birds. In the end, all that remained were the mice skins and bird feathers.

These didn't go to waste. The feathers could be used to make accessories, and the skins could be used for mattresses and canopies.

In the afternoon, they found a new forest. The tree trunks were thick and solid. and the branches grew luxuriantly.

When the hunters found this forest, they started screaming with joy again. They ran into the forest, striving to be first and fearing to be last.

Cheeks was happy too. He patted Li Du's shoulder and once again said, "Great guests bring great luck!"

"What did you find?" Li Du asked.

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Brother Wolf said, "Those are blackboard trees. Their fruits can be a good source of food."

Li Du responded, "But it's winter now. Aren't the fruits dried up already?"

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