929 Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds

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Harry Winston Inc.'s annual meeting was very successful—extremely successful. The shareholders had shifted all their attention to the gentleman's agreement between Carlston and Li Du.

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The majority of them were in favor of Carlston. Cole was the only one who supported Li Du.

It was nighttime. He invited Li Du to dinner to discuss the classified information of Harry Winston Inc.

Carlston Frits was a well-known gemstone merchant. According to him, his family had been in the same field for many years.

The Fritz started their business by searching for rubies and sapphire. Then, they began to search for diamonds in the 20th century. They were able to converge these businesses a developed great wealth. They even owned a diamond mine in Canada.

Cole's decision to invest in Ekati Diamond Mine might be related to the Fritz. In regards to this, he was not certain. It was just his own assumption.

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