701 Desire for Treasure

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Li Du didn't think that the short plump boss would seek trouble with them; there were four of them with three of them being foreigners: a black person, a white person, and a person of Mexican descent.

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According to his understanding of domestic policies, ordinary folk would not dare to antagonize foreigners, especially when one was in the wrong.

Even if the other party wanted to make trouble for him, with Jin Jing city being so large with tens of millions of people, how would he find him? It would not be easy to find him if he were alone, but with Godzilla and Big Quinn, it would be easier for them to invite trouble.

Even if the other party had bumped into him, given that no firearms were allowed in the country, even for the mafia, he didn't believe he could be dealt with so easily.

Then, even if they could try to deal with him, he was quick on his feet. If he wanted to run, the other party would not be able to catch up with him.

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