278 Deputy Battalion Commander, Fire Your Cannon!

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It was another blazing hot day. Since morning, the hot temperature had taken reign over Arizona. When the treasure hunters reached the units, they were already drenched in sweat.

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Hans was frantically guzzling down a bottle of ice water; his head full of sweat revealing how miserable he felt due to the heat.

Li Du was calmly controlling his breath, his gaze was spirited and clear. He was not sweating much.

The Playboy walked over and said in envy, "Li, you know how to use Qigong? Look at you—seems like even this weather can’t do much to you."

Li Du shook his head with a slight smile. Hans spoke as if he knew the secret to Li Du’s strength: "‘One will feel cool when the heart is at ease,’ brother, that’s how the saying goes. Li Du’s state of mind is always at ease."

"If you know about this, then why are you still sweating so much?" The Playboy questioned.

"D*mn it, I can’t calm down," Hans sighed.

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