1239 Departure, Starry Sky

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When it came to the portraits, Li Du shifted his responsibility to others.

He had to give Hans something to do and something to show for it, which made Hans feel important to the team. Else Hans would not be happy to feel useless, and Li Du would be overworked.

Since Hans gave him the good news, Li Du felt reassured and could participate in the star party with a carefree spirit.

Driving away from the town took about half an hour. There were many small roads in the mountains, but they did not have to worry about losing their way. There were many cars on the road because many of the treasure hunters joined as well. They just have to follow the others.

While there was still a distance away from the party, they could see it in no time.

Li Du had read about the event before but had underestimated its size.

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It was less like an astronomy gathering and more like a New Year party.

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