1304 Dense Fog

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The usefulness of those supplies was put to test that evening and they could tell that the things Steve purchased were very useful indeed.

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Steve had brought along some lard, butter, and oil into the village and contacted a few villagers to arrange for a place to stay, bartering the supplies in exchange for housing. 

The villagers agreed happily and helped to arrange some wooden houses for them. The facilities in the houses were familiar to Li Du. There were fireplaces that helped to keep them warm and comfortable. 

The little animals liked the warmth and when Li Du opened the door to one house, the animals hopped to the fireplace and found a spot where they could rest. They curled up before the fireplace, snug and comfortable. 

No matter what, someone had to supervise the little ones. Sophie pushed the animals to a corner and let the smaller ones lie on her in order to make the best of the space. 

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