1311 Dealing With It

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Lunch was ready. Now that they have come upon the deserted island, they had plenty of supplies.

There were burdock soup, various barbecued meats, and grilled fish. Big Quinn had also prepared teppanyaki squid using a clean iron plate. They had harvested plenty of squid from the sea. Squid was generally not very tasty, and preparing it teppanyaki-style was the most popular.

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The fresh squid was cooked and grilled to completion. Then, orange-red sauce was poured over it and sprinkled with some golden-yellowish sesame. Li Du took a bite of it and enjoyed the taste.

Outside the camp and next to the swamp, the villagers who were tied up were cold and hungry. They could only swallow their saliva.

At noon, the sun shone brightly, although the fog had yet to dissipate. However, the fog was no longer so dense. They were now able to see beyond several hundred meters.

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