411 Deal With Them One by One

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On the return trip, Hans slouched in his seat in a comfortable manner and asked, "Hey, bud, how did you do that?"

"What?" asked Li Du casually, playing with his mobile phone.

"How did you convince the Pratt brothers to get rid of those three? And why did they believe that you’d buy their company?"

Hans had been outside the office for part of Li’s conversation with Kellan. And when he came back, he heard the Pratt brothers shoving and chasing Frank, York and Rick out of the office; he was very curious about what had happened during his absence.

"I told them I was going to buy their company," replied Li Du. "The value of the company compared to the money they made from the scam is so much more, right? It’s only normal they’d get rid of those b*st*rds for me."

"They believed it?"

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"Of course," smiled Li Du, "I told them a lot of information about the company’s history and operations as if I had investigated them, and the two idiots believed me."

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