1071 Dark Miami

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Brother Wolf fired a pistol. The young boys who were about to fight quickly fled after

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hearing the gunfire.

Although guns were common in America, many people would control themselves and

would not shoot easily, as they were thoroughly trained in this aspect.

Although Caddy Lent roamed around the streets, he only rode for pleasure, rather than

seizing territories, selling drugs, etc. His gang usually did not touch guns at all.

Though there were occasional conflicts among racers, those would never be resolved

through guns. The majority of them relied on fists, or at most fought with baseball bats.

Brother Wolf was different from them. He was born in a military family and had received

an honorary title. Therefore, his gun was an everyday weapon for him.

Besides, he had no choice but to shoot now.

Caddy Lent knew the capabilities of Godzilla and Brother Wolf. That was why this time

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