729 Dangerous Australia

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They ate dinner until the moon was high up in the sky. That was to say, if the moon could have been seen.

Li Du looked up at the sky and found it strange. "Mr. Pickett, it was sunny during the day. Why is it cloudy at night?"

He had heard about the beauty of Australia's starry sky. He had specifically timed his visit so he could see the autumn sky in Australia.

As a result, he was disappointed that he did not see even a single star.

Pickett, the boss, served himself a kangaroo steak and said, "There's a big storm coming. Didn't you see the weather forecast before you came?"

Li Du looked at Hans. Hans shrugged. "What I saw was fine weather, and I swear I saw fine weather forecast for several days."

Pickett laughed. "Of course, of course. These are the days it's clear in the day, but it's cloudy at night."

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His wife added, "It's supposed to be a big storm, with the weather forecast warning people to pay attention to scheduling."

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