707 Da Xia Zhen Xing

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Li Du was not schooled in antiques, but he could not let his ex-classmates down. As he released the little bug, he said, "I'll take a look at it, but please don't harbor too much hope. I'm really a novice."

After the little bug was released, it didn't fly towards the snuff bottle, but towards Yao Zhi Bo, who was quietly drinking tea.

To be accurate, it was flying towards his neck.

Li Du was puzzled. The little bug had flown to a pendant hanging on Yao Zhi Bo's neck. It was a copper coin covered with some rust and patina.

Seeing that, he stopped the little bug that was about to absorb time capability and said, "Hang on, Old Xu. Old devil, what's up with that copper coin around your neck?"

Yao Zhi Bo casually took it off and said, "Oh, wasn't I weak when I was a child? My parents had asked the doctor for a coin for safety. I have been wearing it for years."

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