552 D*mn It, Don’t Run

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The little bug had the ability to decelerate time. If Li Du were to use it, no one would be able to interrupt his dribble. He would also be faster than anyone else, making it a piece of cake to seize the ball from his opponent.

But this was just a game; it seemed a bit excessive to use the little bug for this.

Hence, although the ball was seized by Stephen, Li Du could do nothing except look on helplessly as he charged down the court and effortlessly scored.

"It's two to zero! Oh yeah!" Hannah shouted excitedly.

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The Playboy spread his arms wide and faced Li Du. "Do you want me to take over point guard?"

Li Du gritted his teeth and said, "No, I'll show you guys what I'm made of!"

He was just blowing his own horn; with the ball in hand, he jogged forward slowly.

Seeing that, Stephen chuckled and ran with him past half court, but did not try to snatch the ball from him.

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