349 Czech Wolfdog

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Seeing Garter, Hans said in a mocking tone, "Hey man, why are you here? Out for a stroll?"

Li Du had bought the silver moonshine distilling boiler from Garter. It had attracted the Mormons, who wanted to purchase it from them. Li Du and Hans made a great deal of money by using Garter as an intermediary.

Since then, Garter had been sour for quite a while. He had even protested that day that he would never do business with them ever again, but now he was back.

Clearly, he had heard that Li Du’s site tended to have good things around and wanted to take advantage of it.

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He was on the right track, as he spotted the alcohol burner soon after he arrived. "Big Fox, we’re good friends. Isn’t it normal for good friends to visit each other?"

"I’m flattered," Hans laughed. "To be friends with Mr. Garter? Alright, but we don’t have discounts for friends when doing business."

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