1177 Critical Situation

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Li Du thought it was unlucky that these meteorite hunters seemed to have some hatred for the rich, or maybe just people who were like the Ford brothers. Therefore, they were prejudiced against him.

After all, the hunters had been in the Antarctic for some time, and according to Steve, the Ford brothers had arrived at the end of the Antarctic polar night season this year but did not found anything until now.

The Ford brothers had been unsatisfied with these hunters since the beginning.

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Now, after Steve has been here just a few days, Li Du helped him find a big meteorite. Of course, the Ford brothers were now even more dissatisfied with their hired men and might have nagged them every day.

It was for this reason that the hunters were a little impatient with Li Du. After all, the main reason they have been out of favor these two days was that he found a meteorite.

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