175 Crispy Noodles

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Hugging this white-nosed coati, Li Du felt that the situation was strange. The storage unit door had been shut tight—how could an animal stay in there? Also, he had thoroughly searched through the storage, so how could he have missed it?

He then went into the storage unit to look, and after hearing Rick and his men speak, he finally understood what had happened.

It turned out, that there was a hole at the corner of this storage unit. It could have possibly been dug by rats or some other another, but it connected the storage to the outside.

This white-nosed coati had found the tunnel, and then nested amongst the storage.

Previously, when Li Du sent the bug in to search, the coati had probably been out. Now, it was back and it had, unfortunately, met Rick and his men while they were tearing its home apart.

The items near the corner of the storage unit were ripped to pieces, with many others contaminated with the coati’s defecation. With that, the storage value dropped.

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