484 Crispy Noodles’s Parade

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Li Du hadn't realized he'd be so surprised by the price. He'd expected the Royal Danish Cigars to be worth some money. After all, they had gold foil and crystals on them.

It turned out that the cigar humidors were even more valuable!

Sayder also told them that in addition to these two boxes, the other eight boxes were also valuable. Though they were not commemorative, limited-edition humidors, they were still Dunhill's luxury products.

"These eight boxes can be sold for 20,000 dollars," said Sayder. "Each box is worth at least 2,500 dollars. These masterpieces were made using real cedar wood."

Mr. Li gave him a cigar as thanks. Sayder had told them useful information that would boost their income.

Hans was left in charge of the matters regarding the giant gun and the cigar boxes while he got ready to take part in the upcoming Michaelmas.

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By September 29th it was fully-fledged autumn. Celebrations for Michaelmas began.

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