834 Covered in Fecal Matter and Urine

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Ulysses, Wright, and the others grumbled and cursed while leaving the bar and driving back to Lennon's mine.

"In my opinion, we should get some people, and go back and beat them up. Those d*mn foreigners. They cannot beat us," the temperamental Hubert bellowed.

Kidd pinched his nose and glared at Hubert. In an unpleasant manner, he asked, "Beat them up? Are you sure you can beat them in a fight?"

Hubert replied, "I have six miners back at my mine. What about the miners you guys have? With Popovich and Hugo, we can gather 50 people."

Ulysses bellowed, "Don't f*cking talk about Popovich and Hugo. Those two cunning foxes. D*mn it, they won't show up. They are waiting to see how it will unfold. We have been fooled by them before."

"Yeah, Hugo is definitely in Lightning Ridge. I saw that old rascal having a meal at a restaurant with his mistress yesterday."

"The six of us is enough. No matter what, we will still have 40 people, right? They only have a few."

"Don't talk nonsense. That German fella among them is already able to fight against 40 people. Violence will definitely not work."

They began arguing about whether they should use violence against Li Du.

Lennon said, "Using violence is not out of the question. However, it's out of the question for us. Truth be told, fellas, even though you guys have a lot of miners, will they fight for you?"

The mine owners became quiet and were no longer arguing.

Indeed, that was the problem. The miners under them were paid to mine for them, not to fight for them.

"In that case, what should we do?" Ulysses asked in a dejected manner. "Surely you don't mean for us to stop mining, right? Ha, I am actually ok with it. York, are you fine with it?"

York Lennon, who was calmly pondering the situation, remained quiet.

Stop? He would never agree to that. He had found gemstones after digging into the number 122 mine. Having gained something, he would not stop even if God wanted him to!

Even after a round of discussion, the group was unable to come to a decision.

However, what they were certain of was that they did not wish to stop, and that they were not afraid of Li Du.

If they were not breaking the law, they would have already gathered people and brazenly fought Li Du. Now, as they were breaking the law, they did not dare to provoke Li Du, or else they could be put in prison.

With mining stopped for the night, the mine became quiet.

A figure walked once around them before quietly walking back with a map.

While the sky was still dark, a rumbling sound could be heard from the number 122 mine. The sound came from the rock hand drill machines digging holes into the rock layers.

On the second day, a sewage truck drove onto the bumpy roads in the mining district and into the number 122 mine.

As per usual, Lennon instructed his miners to mine gemstones.

A miner said worryingly, "York, truth be told, we should stop digging deeper. It's illegal. Now that our neighbor isn't that softie from before, he will not keep quiet and do nothing."

Another miner added, "Yeah, we all heard about yesterday's incident. You guys got beaten up by that Chinese man, right?"

Lennon shaded his eyes and said, "You guys don't interfere in this matter. I will handle it. Ha, just a foreigner. He wants to cause trouble in Lightning Ridge?"

A few of the miners looked at each other before one of them persisted and asked, "He will not let this matter go. York, we don't want to take this risk."

Lennon looked at them in a dissatisfied manner and said, "Alright, I will set an example. Seriously, what a bunch of cowards."

The miners were so enraged that they wanted to hit him. F*ck your mother, it's easy for you to say. Cowards? Yeah, you aren't a coward. You only care about gemstones. Since the gemstones that are dug out are yours and not ours, why would we take the risk?

Nothing much happened for the rest of the day.

After the miners stopped work in the evening, Lennon said, "See that? The other party is just scaring us. What would he dare to do? He is just a foreigner, what would he dare to do on our territory?"

"What if he goes to court and sues us?"

"If that's the case, it concerns me and not you guys. Is he also able to sue you miners?" Lennon said impatiently.

The miners, who could only listen to him, shrugged their shoulders.

When night fell, the miners got off work, and the mine owners went back home. Amid the quiet, barren land, the rumbling sound from the machines shattering rocks once again resonated from the number 122 mine.

After the sun had risen, the mine owners, as per usual, continued digging with their miners.

All of a sudden, a rumbling sound could be heard from above while they were searching for gemstones among the shattered rocks.

Terrified, the group began anxiously running away. Someone shouted, "York, hurry! The tunnel is about to collapse!"

Lennon, who was also terrified, was running ahead of everyone else. When the entrance of the tunnel was in his sight, the rumbling sound suddenly stopped. Other than a few pieces of shattered rocks falling down from above, nothing else happened.

Lennon stopped in his tracks, looked back down the tunnel, and asked, "What's going on?"

A miner replied, "The Chinese must have done something. He warned us, we better leave."

Lennon shook his head and said, "No, even though this might be his doing, he would definitely not dare to go overboard. If he causes an accident, he will have to be prepared to spend his entire life in prison. He would not do such a thing. Rich people don't want to go to prison."

When the inside of the tunnel had quietened down, Lennon wanted to go back and see what was going on.

However, as he was afraid that something might happen, he let one of the miners take a look first.

Although the miner was very unreluctant to, he still worked for Lennon so he had no choice but to bite the bullet and go back into the tunnel.

Before long, a voice could be heard from inside the tunnel, "There's a hole at the top. Someone dug a hole."

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Seeing that there was no danger, Lennon carefully went back into the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, he spotted a hole that had a diameter similar to that of a basketball.

"What's that for?" he asked while raising his head to look at the hole.

The little bug was observing the situation. When Li Du saw Lennon raising his head to look at the hole that had been dug, he smiled and waved his hand.

Aubrey pinched his nose and turned the valve of the sewage truck. Swoosh! The sound of flowing water could be heard, and a foul smell began filling the air.

Lennon was inside the tunnel with his head raised, looking curiously and pondering the hole. He was now in trouble. Raw sewage containing filthy things such as fecal matter, toilet paper, and dead rats flowed onto his head...

A large amount of sewage flowed through the hole and into the tunnel. Lennon, who was standing under the hole, got hit by the sewage, which then flowed down from the top of his head and covered his entire body.

The miners nearby, who were dumbfounded, were quick to react and scrambled to run and climb out of the tunnel.

When Lennon still had yet to come out of the tunnel after a long while, a miner asked in a worried tone, "That unlucky fella, York, couldn't have fainted, right? Who wants to go down and check?"

The miners looked at each other. No one was willing to go down into the tunnel.

At that moment, a hand reached out from the tunnel's staircase. Following which, a foul smell filled the air. When the miners looked at the entrance of the tunnel, they saw a person who was covered in fecal matter and urine slowly climbing up.

"Is that, is that York?" A miner asked carefully.

The voice that they were familiar with could be heard. Like a wolf, Lennon howled, "Chinese fella, I am going to fight you to the death!"

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